We are all a bit workers, travellers, sportsmen, globetrotters, adventurers, warriors and gentlemen.

Classy and stout-hearted people, fond of life and beauty. 

CAPSULA is the everyday companion we were missing.

Designed in Italy, to perform at the top in every situation of our life.




Made in High Frequency Welded 840D TPU and reinforced with Hypalon. It hasn't any stitching hole.

Fastened with 100% Waterproof NYSEAL zippers. Standing minimum 30 minutes at 1 meter depth underwater – Standard IP67.

Maximum tear and abrasion resistance.


Equipped with an inflating valve, it can temporarily contain the air inside the whole of its volume. CAPSULA can float even if heavily loaded. To test its waterproofnes just blow in. If the air stays inside the water wil not get in.

The air containment time-lapse can be affected by many external conditions: for example pressure, humidity, temperature, dust or dirt along the fastener. Anyway even if the bag deflates a bit it maintains its waterproofness along with its floating and anti-crush functions


Once inflated CAPSULA becomes an air bag with anti-crush and anti-shock functions. Even if soft and light CAPSULA protects your belongings better than a hard-shell


patented - available on backpack only

The patented anti-shock wall is an innovative system to protect your more fragile devices against any shock or impact. Once the bag is inflated the wall will stay in suspension. The content in its pocket will be surrounded by an air cushion.

On front side of the internal wall you have a pocket containing up to a 13" laptop pc. Stripes of a special Velcro not gripping with any fabric cover the opposite side, for keeping the capsules on place.

The wall is fixed inside with 6 fixing points . It is easely removable. Just take it out if you need the complete space inside your bag.


Made in TPU with transparent top. Thermowelded with water-repellent zipper. Tyle-Matching in five different sizes for easy internal organization.